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System — Vampire the Masquerade — By Night Studios
Setting — Camarilla
Location — Greater Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area
Theme — Betrayal & Morality
Mood — Covetous & Mystery

This will be a heavy Camarilla based game with plots that focus on political and social themes. As you come up with your concepts for characters, please keep in mind….CAMARILLA…if your concept doesn’t fit in with Camarilla ideals, you may not have as much fun as you could. I know many players like to play the oppositional characters, or may not like Camarilla games. And that’s ok, but if its a deal breaker, this might not be the best game for you. That being said, you have been warned, so no crying if you present an idea that goes against this and we say no.

If you have any questions about stuff you can email us at

Character Creation

Boon Lotto — Just for those at the pre-game and 1st game

Territory Ratings

The Domains

Main Page

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