Character Creation

We are using the rules out of the By Night Studios book, with only a few minor clarifications and limitations, but I will spell it all out here. Before putting stats to a page, please come up with a character concept beyond I hit things with other things. Come up with what kind of person they were, vampire they are, and what they hope to become. Pick your clan and Archetype on top of that and you are 80% done. 

Allowable Clans 

1) Assign your Attribute points between your physicals, socials, and mentals using 7, 5, and then 3 dots. After that, select your one attribute focus in each category.

2) Assign your skills as follows: Select one skill that receives 4 dots in it, then two skills that receive 3 dots in them, then three skills that receive 2 dots in each, and finally select four skills with 1 dot each. You should have a total of ten skills totaling 20 dots at this stage. Please remember to select areas of study for Crafts, Performance, and Science. Review the book to determine if any skills require specializations (such as Lore).

3) Assign your backgrounds as follows: Select one background that received 3 dots in it, one background that receives 2 dot in it, and one background that received 1 dot in it. Please remember that if you are playing a Vampire, you must have at least 1 dot in Generation.

4) Select one In-Clan Discipline that receives 2 dots in it, and your other two In-Clan Disciplines receive 1 dot each. Please note that buying other Out-of-Clan Disciplines, or using merit points to buy another In-Clan Discipline, do no benefit from these initial dots.

5) Select up to 7 Point in Merits and up to 7 Points in Flaws. Please note that playing Uncommon Clans counts for 2 out of 7 of your Merit Points. You can take more than 7 points of flaws, but you will only received credit for your first 7 points.

6) You will begin game with 6 point of willpower and 5 points of Humanity. Please note all players must began on the Path of Humanity. No exceptions.

7) Spend your initial 30 XP and you are good to go.

8) If you were an active player in NOMS, we will be rolling over 10% of your NOMS XP to create an environment that is not all starting characters. There will be a minimum of 10 XP and maximum of 50 XP additional from this bonus. Please check with Mike or I for final XP received from NOMS.

9) Writing up a short Character History with good backgrounds and plot hooks can earn up to 3 XP. # Writing up a description and/or layout of your haven, along with your feed habits can earn up to 2 XP. Restrictions/Clarifications:

Generation — limited to a max of 3 dots for 8th Generation. For each dot of generation, you can increase the maximum attribute score by 1. You can either spread them out across multiple attributes or increase on attribute multiple times. You can either choose to do this at the start of game, or wait to decide until you have spend the XP to purchase the additional attribute points.

Herd — having any dots in herd removes your need to spend a downtime action on feeding in between games. If you have Herd and choose to spend the downtime action feeding anyway, you will begin game with your rating in Herd in additional blood points, up to your maximum blood pool. If you don't have Herd and do not spend a down time action feeding, you will be down 1/4 of your blood pool after chops at game.

Resources — you will begin game with as many starter items as you have dots in resources. These items won't be master-crafted or much different from the base item, but you'll still have it at start of game. That should cover everything, but please feel free to ask about any questions. Remember that ALL characters must be approved by Mike or myself.

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Character Creation

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