Boon Lotto

To help create a well weaved Kindred society, that doesn't exist in a vacuum at the start of game, all players that has been involved by the beginning of game 1, will be able to participate in the treasured Boon Lotto. This will help the players, storytellers, PCs, and NPCs come together to create relationships, conflicts, and a city with a history despite just starting the game. In-game-wise, this will exist as a group of Lesser Harpies from neighboring Domains unearthing the former Harpy's records pertaining to Boons that were unofficial, unenforced, or forgotten. As it often is with the Camarilla, the truth does not matter, as this is what your betters have decided is fact.

So, that being said, the Boon Lotto is the means for a character to place a boon that they will owe another, into a hat, and in return, they can draw a boon of equal value out that is owed to them by another character.

The boons available in the Lotto are:

Trivial Boons — Barely more useful than a business card

Minor Boons — Is worth a small favor that doesn't jeopardize the debtor

Major Boons — A large favor that may work against the debtor's agenda

Blood Boons — A serious favor for which your blood was spilled

Life Boons — Not available for the Boon Lotto

All characters must put in at least 1 Trivial Boon into the Lotto, as civilized Kindred do not trust Camarilla vampires that do not engage in the Boon economy. Each character may put in a maximum of up to 3 Boons of any level into the Lotto and can have multiple of the same boon.

This lotto will be drawn at the first game so that player can begin to flush out their character's and even build some backstories and relationships between others. The Storytellers may even be persuaded to give out a small amount of XP for players who create the stories for how each of the boons came to be. Examples could be legitimate favors, payments for insults and social faux pas, being strong armed into it, or even getting screwed and not knowing why. This can create a new, and potentially fun, dynamic to the game early on.

Anyway, please let us know if you have any questions, and if you are able, please let us know what boons you would like to put in prior to game. The more time the Storytellers have to plan and prepare, the more functional and effective this will be.

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Boon Lotto

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