Welcome to Steel City Torment!

Pittsburgh is a city under revival, with new technologies, commerce, and tourism. It is very rapidly making headlines across the nation and world. However, the dark underside of Pittsburgh is simmering, just beneath the surface. Those elite few try desperately to hide the city's secrets, while the treacherous many see this new era of prosperity as something to be exploited. The steel is fresh painted over old rust, and the new chrome is already being tarnished. The towers glow in the night's sky, and the alleys grow darker every night. The local Kindred are just coming out of a political coup and vicious war with the Anarch Movement. Those higher up the food chain in the Ivory Tower have taken notice of the old city, and the new Prince is under severe scrutiny. This is Pittsburgh in the World of Darkness. Will you help build the city into something worthwhile, or squeeze it for every drop of blood available.

Steel City Torment

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